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Pedal Innovation Training

Pedal is committed to increasing the innovation capability and capacity of our community and our world.


Become a Design Doer

While design thinking has grown in notoriety, many do not have an understanding of the process, methods and mindsets that have made this a best in class approach for producing game changing innovation. Both knowledge and experience are acquired by design doing, the most effective way of becoming a design thinking practitioner. 

Training Options

Pedal creates internal corporate training programs and also has occasional public training offerings. Shoot us a message to find out more.

Office Hours

Once a week we set aside an hour for innovative thinkers in our communities to talk shop free of charge. Office hours are for anyone curious about what we do at Pedal. Come in with problems to solve, questions about innovative processes, or just to say hello! We want to build a community of innovators and would love to meet you. 

Pedal Garage

The Pedal Garage is designed for teams to come in and work on projects using world class tools coached by real world innovators. We believe doing is the best way to learn and the garage is place to make it happen. Participants will have access to our online training videos, 1-1 coaching sessions and access to exclusive innovator office hours.


Most organizations know that innovation is critical to thriving and even surviving in a rapidly changing world. Yet many struggle with how to create a productive innovation engine that drives growth consistent with the business strategy. Our workshops are designed as deep dives into innovation strategy. Participants will engage in 1 to 2 day workshops and come away with training on how to consistently deliver bold, unique value to their customers. 

Executive Cohorts

These programs are designed for bold leaders who strive for breakthrough innovation in their organizations. Participants will be coached through an innovation journey in which they will acquire world-class tools and strategies to drive towards reliable innovation. These programs are for open-minded leaders, ready to learn from insights gained from others and be accountable for their creative confidence in a group of their peers. 

 Want to know who will be training you?

The Pedal team has decades of experience training and leading workshops at every level of business. We also bring in a number of professional colleagues to train alongside our team when it makes sense. Check out our about page to learn a little more about the core team.

What They Said

The Pedal design thinking bootcamp was a top notch experience that was fun and engaging. More importantly, it got me up to speed on how to be a design thinker and when to use different tools for different challenges.

J. Laurens Tullock

President, Tullock Consulting

For someone who has pursued innovation in my business model and offerings, I found the practical tools and process Pedal taught extremely helpful in consistently innovating where it would bring the most impact in my business

Ian Dovan

Founder, Seeds of Change

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