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We are an innovation agency.

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These are the kinds of opportunities we love to work on
Build an engine for innovation.

Thriving companies innovate over and over and over and over… In a rapidly changing world, the ability to innovate is an absolute must.  Companies need an innovation strategy that is aligned with their overall business goals.  They need an innovation management system that allows leaders to make good decisions about where to place “future bets”.  And companies may need new innovation capabilities to solve complex problems.

Embrace purpose.

There is powerful, motivating and inspiring purpose latent in your organization. Aligning authentic purpose with the hearts of your people and the needs of the world is the most powerful way to do business. 

Create new products that people love.

What do the products you love have in common?  The companies behind them understand their customers; in some cases better than we know ourselves.  A company that thrives must continually uncover deep insights into how their customers think, act, and feel about the world around them, and then design products that solve their biggest problems.

Major on customer experience.

The global market is increasingly competitive.  New features of old products are no longer enough to compete against low-cost providers from other countries.  One way to separate from the pack in your space is to focus on the complete experience of the customer.  Ever wonder what it is like to do business with your company?  How do your customers experience your products? Your service?  Even the packaging in which they receive your product?  Thriving companies are zealots about their customer’s experience.

Design a culture that activates talent.

A thriving company knows how to activate talent in its people so that the full innovation potential is realized.  This requires a laser-focused vision and purpose with leaders that continually reinforce both.  Then employees can align their development and growth toward the same goals.  Finally, leadership must work to sustain a culture that values new ideas and experiments that form the basis of learning and growth.

Our Recipe

These are the three key ingredients we bring into every project.


We drive business performance by designing strong connection from purpose to strategy, culture and execution.


We start with a deep understanding of the customer’s world to discover unmet needs and design solutions that delight.


Ideas are tested and retested, shaped and reshaped, formed and reformed – this is effective innovation.

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Ask about the Bootcamp!

Knoxville Innovation Bootcamp is a 3-day Design Thinking immersion where you get to work alongside other leaders in Knoxville learning an innovation technique that the fastest growing companies in the world credit for their success.

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